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Worldwide IP Solutions

International Patents and Trademarks

Our Expertise


Worldwide IP Solutions meets with you to learn about your company and unique IP needs


We pair you with one of our professional attorneys whose background and experience aligns with your patent focus and vertical market focus.

Cost Benefits Analysis

Through research and analysis, we help you determine, before we file, if the benefits of excluding others from manufacturing and distribution your intellectual property or like intellectual property outweighs the costs of protecting and potentially prosecuting the patent.


We prepare the registration based on stringent guidelines designed to protect you from infringement and litigation. 

Implementation & Protection

We enroll you in our patent protection program which involves monitoring industry developments; policing licensees, employees and anyone who comes into contact with the patented property; consistently investigating the marketplace created by the patented property; and aggressively pursuing suspected or known patent infringers.


Worldwide IP Solutions is dedicated to being responsive to your needs and to providing each of our clients with a user friendly technology platform to simplify process management and communication. 

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